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Resources & Support   This page is a route to all the datasheets, drivers and documentation for recent Netgear

products.  You can also use it to get Netgear Technical Support and to register your products with Netgear.

Select your product model number from the pull-down lists in each category.  Product numbers are shown on the product itself

and on packaging labels, or they can be found in the product details on our Purchasing Catalogue.    (Enable Pop-ups for new windows)

Netgear Product Datasheets

with Technical Specifications

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Netgear's Product Support Pages

including DOCUMENTATION and DRIVERS where available

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Register a Product with Netgear

Required for Support Purposes

Product Registration

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Netgear's Support Areas

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Netgear's UK Support Area

Netgear's Worldwide Support Area

Contact Netgear Technical Support

Get Netgear Email Support

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Or call 0870 112 1206 (UK)

Netgear Product Warranty Cards:  For units with Internal Power Supply  For units with External Power Supply (new window)

Review Product Details And Pricing

Purchasing Catalogue - loads in this window (BACK button to return)

     or     Browse Netgear Products

Review Maintenance Offerings

Go To ProSupport Maintenance Area

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Discuss Netgear Issues On-line

Netgear Forums

US-based Forum Site - opens in a new window

Netgear KnowledgeBase

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 NEW!  Netgear ReadyNAS Users

Community Site      Support Forum

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Netgear Home Networking

Configuration Tool

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Netgear Support Glossary

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Router ISP Configuration

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Lost Router Password?

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Netgear Descriptions: (new window)

Download Netgear SmartWizard Utility

version 2.5.5

Netgear Product Catalogue PDF

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